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Introducing AI Ipsum

Because even your dummy text should be riding the generative AI hype train.
By Cassidy Williams

We’ve all been there. You’re sitting around, working on a beautiful website, and you need dummy filler text to fill in the gaps in your layout… and your heart.

You might reach for the classic, “lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,” but you’re better than that now. You’re a generative AI hype train connoisseur. Luckily, we have the product just for you.

AI Ipsum

That’s right: it’s AI Ipsum. Get all the Latin filler text you need, with dashes of AI peppered throughout!

Here’s a fun little sample of what you’ll get using AI Ipsum:

MLops gradient boosting aliqua ensemble learning et excepteur. Laborum est quis esse sit evolutionary algorithms proident ETL aliquip et technology est decision trees velit generative models Ea ipsum non eu nostrud magna AMD cloud computing artificial intelligence genetic algorithms laborum sit web scraping cupidatat laboris laborum. random forests nisi tensorflow enim officia irure consequat. reinforcement learning data warehouses veniam affective computing velit. investment eu seq2seq context-aware computing magna pariatur qui aliquip elit nulla mollit "AI in education" magna.

Brava, brava, sans the VC drama!

Not only can you use the web app (at, but you can also make a lil GET request directly to the AI Ipsum API by simply passing in a number for how many paragraphs you want:


Whoa, how does this work?

Great question! Though we did source most of our terms from a friendly neighborhood GPT-4 prompt, we’re… not actually using AI under the hood to deliver this service to you.

The website is built with plain ol’ HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and the API is powered by Netlify Functions! We take in two JSON files of Latin filler words and AI filler words, and then smash them together in a very cool, artisanal fashion.

The whole thing is open source! Check out the repository here to contribute your own terms to AI Ipsum!

We can’t wait to see your filler text at work. Happy AI-ing!