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We're a part of AI Infrastructure Alliance!

Contenda CEO, Lilly Chen, joins the AI Infrastructure Alliance
By Lilly Chen

What is AI Infrastructure Alliance?

AI Infrastructure Alliance (AIIA) is a non-profit organization that brings together the best AI/ML infrastructure companies to define the Canonical Stack of machine learning software. AIIA favors open sourced, open core software since all major tooling driving AI/ML revolution has been open source (think PyTorch and Tensorflow). AIIA publishes high quality technical content, hosts events, and defines practical AI ethics frameworks for its members. Its members include the founder of Pachyderm, VP of AI/ML at Bank of America, and Chief Product Officer of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Why does Contenda care about it?

  1. Open Source

We believe building openly goes hand in hand with building ethically, especially regarding AI/ML. As a company, we’ve open sourced our prompts because they are the primary interface with LLM’s. We look forward to continually being transparent about how we use AI.

  1. Technical Education

Accessible, high quality technical education is how we uplevel each other. The fact that this content is often free makes it easier for people around the world to learn, increasing the global diversity of AI knowledge.

  1. AI Ethics

We have a responsibility to future people to create technologies that do not cause harm. This needs to happen through organizations like AIIA, in order for collective action to be effective.

Where can I learn more?

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