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Announcing the Contenda + Autocode integration

Contenda is officially integrated into Autocode so you never have to worry about webhooks again!
By Lilly Chen

Why Autocode?

Autocode seamlessly handles webhooks without any additional configuration. Contenda has compute-heavy AI features, so when you submit a job to our service, we use webhooks to let you know when that job is finished.

We wanted Contenda’s programmatic features to be accessible to anyone, not just webhook-saavy users, and thus, our official integration with Autocode was born!

If you use Contenda with our new integration with Autocode, you get a user-friendly IDE, access to pre-built templates, built-in secret management, and great community support via Autocode’s Discord server, right out of the box.

Installing Contenda on Autocode

“I’m really excited to see Contenda launch on Autocode. As someone who’s constantly creating content while in a time crunch, the value add of Contenda is clear, and I can’t wait to build with their integration. I’m so glad that Autocode is able to make Contenda accessible to more developer advocates than before!”

-Jacklyn Biggin, Developer Relations Lead @ Autocode

How do I get started?

It’s super simple! Just make an Autocode account and head over to the Contenda Autocode page.

If you want to batch upload a YouTube playlist to Contenda, try this snippet!

In case you missed our most recent announcement, we launched Confbrew recently, which allows you to take a playlist of conference videos, and create a Q&A bot from the content! If you’d like to build your own version, try this template!

If you have a plan and don’t need no man, I’ll take you straight to the library docs!