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Why is Brainstory feedback powerful?

Some reasons you should consider sharing your Brainstory with others!
By Lilly Chen

What does Share in Brainstory do?

Sharing in Brainstory allows others to give feedback on your Brainstory using the same “think smarter” philosophy. When you share with others, they’ll get an email invitation to your Brainstory with options:

  • Extend this idea
  • React to specific points
  • Walk through point by point

How is it different from sending someone a Google Doc or an email?

Brainstory will let someone freely talk about your idea, without having to worry about synthesizing ideas together or covering all the required points. Imagine the best parts of a water cooler conversation, with the deep thinking that comes with connecting over a meaningful idea.

But wait! There’s moreee

You can also share with a group! Let every individual contribute on equal footing at their own pace. Meetings focus on who speaks the most and loudest. Brainstory helps everyone think better, equally.