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How Brainstory follows management principles

What are the best practices for management, and how does Brainstory consistently enable you to follow them?
By Lilly Chen

This blog post is inspired by the following tweet from Will Robbins, GP at Contrary Capital. Tweet from investor Will Robbins

Thinking is fundamentally done alone

When you start a new Brainstory, you’re fundamentally starting a solitary thought. Brainstory provides a reflective surface so that you can do this thinking deeper and faster than if you were truly alone. Unlike thinking with others, Brainstory never tries to give you advice or suggestions, so you can have your best thoughts.

Communication is fundamentally done 1:1

When you share your Brainstory with someone else, they are fundamentally responding to your thought in a dedicated 1:1 manner. They are opted-in, by default, to addressing all of your points. Both parties are given the opportunity to understand the set of facts, then add their opinion.

Inspiration is fundamentally done in groups

When you share your Brainstory in a group, feedback is aggregated and holes are discovered. This is where inspiration is born!

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