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Let's use Brainstory for meetings

Here's why you should use Brainstory to save time and get to value faster in meetings
By Lilly Chen

What is meeting prep?

Meeting prep is prework done to make meeting discussion more productive. Typically, it involves gathering and distributing the facts as the basis of discussion. Amazon is famous for creating a writing culture around meeting prep, but most of corporate America is known for its PowerPoint decks. For some meetings, not having sufficient meeting prep means a very expensive hour is wasted.

Why should I use Brainstory for meeting prep?

Brainstory lets you speak freely to naturally extend your ideas, while it handles the organization side of things. We generally believe talking is better for your thoughts overall.

Why should I send my Brainstory to others for feedback before a meeting?

Often, the majority of a meeting is spent getting everyone on the same page, with the same context, around the facts. People often want to express the level of agreement or disagreement they have on a subject. Brainstory allows everyone to feel heard, without derailing a meeting for someone to express a tangential thought.

With Brainstory, a meeting that typically lasts an hour with multiple people can be boiled down to as little as a 15 minute discussion on only the most important topics, because everyone has the context they need to make decisions, faster.