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The 'Serendipity Effect' of Brainstory

People often describe the feeling of using Brainstory as surprisingly beneficial... let's talk about why
By Lilly Chen

A first time Brainstory user shared this story in our community Discord.

I originally was going in the direction of trying to give myself criteria to make my movie ratings more objective, but it turned into me [talking] about what makes a movie important to me and helped me visualize that for my ratings instead. First time using Brainstory, I like how it pulled me from my first line of thinking (making an objective scale) to a different train of thought (Making me defend and elaborate on my categories of subjective ranking) very seamlessly, very cool!

Let’s talk about what this experience is and why!

What does Brainstory do?

Brainstory asks you questions. It does not give advice or suggestions. While you’re talking, it may seem like Brainstory is “pulling” you into a different train of thought, but that’s actually you pulling yourself into a different direction. All Brainstory does is ask you questions about your thinking.

Why did we make Brainstory ask questions?

Asking questions is good, but there’s a lot of reasons humans don’t want to ask other humans questions. Maybe you feel like you’re wasting someone’s time, or you think the question is too sensitive. Research has shown that the benefits of asking questions outweighs the perceived consequences, but tell that to your emotions!

That’s why we made Brainstory— to be a safe place where you can always have your best thoughts.

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