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Brainstory and Budgets

Trying Brainstory at work without needing budget approval
By Lilly Chen

So you love Brainstory and you’d like to try it for work but… budgets are capped. This is not a problem! You actually have unlimited sharing and feedback requests for guests with any Brainstory.

How does sharing work with guests?

You have two ways of sharing a Brainstory! You can either:

  1. Share directly by inputting guest emails
  2. Copy the share link that’s accessible by anyone who clicks it

In both of those situations, the guest user does not need a Brainstory subscription! In fact, any feedback requests they give won’t count towards their 10 free original Brainstories.

So who needs a Brainstory subscription?

Let’s say someone on your team would like to try starting the Brainstory. They can still do so without purchasing a subscription. Starting an original Brainstory will count towards one of their 10 free uses, but they will also receive unlimited shares.

If your team finds Brainstory valuable (and we hope you do!), the people who regularly start the Brainstory are the people who would need a subscription. For some teams, this is effectively just $10/month for the whole team to get value.