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Introducing Brainstory

Talk through your ideas and get unstuck from writer's block.
By Johnson Lin

We’ve all got lots of great ideas swimming in our brain but there’s a lot of steps to go from a thought to an actual fleshed out idea. Often what speeds up that process is having a good listener, someone who asks the right questions to get you thinking more.

So instead of calling up your friend (who might be tired of hearing about your ideas for a 4 hour long video essay on why hot dogs are a sandwich and everyone who disagrees is simply ignoring the science), or your rubber duck who doesn’t talk back, we made a judgement-free AI chatbot you can talk to for all of your ideas!

How does it work?

Head over to Brainstory and sign up for free. Then, create a new idea and you’ll get to talk to Mark, our cute lil’ pencil guy.

An image of the Brainstory mascot.

Make sure you have the correct permissions for your browser to use your mic.

And remember, Mark is just there to help you flesh out your ideas, no matter how big or small they are. Don’t overthink it. Talk freely and don’t be afraid to stumble or flub. Let your ideas out no matter how unfinished it is and Mark will help you make sense of it.

Once you’ve wrapped up your thoughts and are at a good point to stop, you can click on the “Get result” button to get a summary of what you brainstormed. You’ll be able to reference it whenever from the dashboard.

An image of my Brainstory result.

Expand on your ideas

An image of Brainstory branch and feedback buttons.

Now that you’ve got an idea in a format that’s actually readable, send it out to some friends and get their opinions on it! Mark will hand them a copy of your summary and collect feedback from them in the same manner he got an idea out of you. Once one of your friends completes their feedback, you’ll be notified by email and can see their summary of what they said.

Sometimes after reading your own summary, you also get more ideas in your brain. You can then branch off your own idea and continue your line of thought by talking to Mark again. And you can continue to branch until you’ve got a full train of thoughts!

Then when you go to your dashboard, you’ll be able to see the previous connecting ideas for any idea.

Try it out!

Flesh out a really cool idea? Overcome writer’s block? Tag us on Twitter at @ContendaCo. We can’t wait to see what’s been stewing in your brain.