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Announcing the Markprompt + Contenda integration: Confbrew

We love finding new and creative ways to use Contenda's technology to help the broader developer community. This partnership with Markprompt was super exciting and very fun to build. Read on to find out how to use Confbrew!
By Lilly Chen

How often do you attend an inspiring conference, but then have questions about the talks afterwards? Maybe you had to step out during a session for a call, or technical issues cut out the speaker’s mic… Either way, you might have some questions about what you missed out on.

Contenda transforms videos into written content to help you create the ultimate content knowledge base. Markprompt ingests that data to create powerful Q&A bots so that you can find the knowledge you need, when you need it. With our powers combined: We created Confbrew, a Q&A system for conference sessions!

How it works

Graphic with code snippets of Contenda and Markpromt

Markprompt is a powerful and easy tool for creating Q&A systems. Their API endpoints that allow you to train your content and create a prompt to ask questions to it. With their web dashboard, you can set up syncing with a GitHub repo, train files, manage access keys, and visualize stats on how users query your content.

Contenda makes it incredibly easy for anyone to transform video into effective written content. You can plug in a YouTube video or playlist, and receive a blog or tutorial.

With the two services, Markprompt can ingest all of that Contenda-generated written knowledge in an automatic and systematic way. Together, you get a smart, accurate Q&A platform from any set of videos you put through our integration! And that’s how Confbrew was born.

“We’re stoked to collaborate with Contenda! By meshing Markprompt’s smart Q&A system with Contenda’s slick video-to-text conversion, we’re transforming conference content into an exciting, knowledge-seeking journey. Get ready to have your questions answered and wisdom expanded!”

- The Markprompt team

How to use it

All you need is to sign up for a few keys on Contenda and Markprompt websites. We also have a standard template on Autocode for a quickstart. Once you plug ‘n’ play the API keys– voila, you’ve only taken seconds to enable the power of AI in your content!

  1. Register for a key on Contenda
  2. Register for a key on Markprompt
  3. Plug the keys into this template on Autocode
  4. Hit Run on main.js
  5. Navigate to Markprompt’s UI to see your data, sandbox the playground, and more!

Watch the video tutorial here or read the Contenda-generated tutorial here.

For conference organizers

If you’re a conference organizer and want to use Confbrew at your next event (or any previously-recorded ones), let us know!

We’d love to help enable your attendees, communities, sponsors, and more to read more about the knowledge gained at your event.

Try our demo from the Contentful Fast Forward 2022 conference here.