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Contenda Studio Update

Contenda Studio plans to integrate with Brainstory
By Lilly Chen

Image of Contenda and Brainstory logos

Today we’re announcing some changes to Contenda’s portfolio of apps and pricing. We’re retiring Contenda Studio’s free tier, so we can focus on integrating its best features into Brainstory. Brainstory will now offer a free tier for all users, at a significantly lower price point than Contenda Studio. Our other products like Common Essay and Build-A-Bard will be turned off. Our open source projects will continue to be maintained!

Why the Change?

  • Sustainability: We’re a small team. We want to be proud that everything we ship is going to be awesome. Consolidating our products into our favorite child (Brainstory) will go a long way to ensuring long-term excellence.

  • Product Philosophy: With Brainstory, we’re challenging the concept of Generative AI with Iterative AI. Instead of trying to “automate more stuff”, we wanted a product that says “think smarter, not harder”.

We’re excited about Brainstory’s potential and are committed to delivering the best solutions. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting transition. Start using Brainstory for free at & learn more about Brainstory here!