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Announcing the Contentful + Contenda integration

Contending your content further with Contenda + Contentful
By Clara Song

Contentful is the better way to build content. Assemble content and deliver digital experiences fast with a composable content platform. Now, with the Contenda integration, deliver your next tutorial or blog through Contentful in seconds. Partnering with Contentful means that our users no longer need to export markdown files and upload it back to Contentful— it’s all native in the Contentful platform!

Contenda and Contentful graphic

How do I get started?

Starting today, you can install the Contenda app in the Contentful Marketplace here!

Then, set up the app following the steps found in the documentation page.

Demo of Contenda App on Contentful Gif

That’s it! Unlike the tongue twister “Contenda creates content for Contentful,” that was painless and easy. Now, you’re ready to connect your AI-transformed content straight into your Contentful blog entries. 🚀