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RIP Content Graveyard: Revive your old video content

How Contenda transforms “one and done” content like Twitch and YouTube videos into new life.
By Lilly Chen

In the content world, consistency is key in keeping up with the ever-refreshing news feed. When content is being churned out at a constant rate, the focus is always on “what’s next?”. But what happens after you’ve made your long-form content?

Long-form video content usually lives on platforms like YouTube and Spotify Podcasts, but it’s not necessarily where people will easily find your content. Your audience is spending their time on short-form content platforms like Twitter - but how do you get your audience to engage with the long-form content without being annoying?

The data says that tweets with short video clips get 10x more engagements than Tweets without video. Let’s walk through an example of a 45 minute video to make one 30 second clip that’s ready for Twitter. It ends up looking like:

  • Sitting down to watch the video at 2x speed [25 minutes]
  • Marking down what you think are “good” highlights [5 minutes]
  • Figuring out when the natural conclusion point to that highlight is [10 minutes]
  • Editing the video with the new start and end times [10 minutes]
  • Writing copy to go with it [10 minutes]

Total time spent: 60 minutes

That’s an hour of pretty dry work to get one clip. And if you work with an agency, it’s probably not the creative work that you want them to spend their time on.

But if you:

  • Need to increase engagement with existing long-form content (such as podcasts, webinars, and conference recordings) as a primary go to market channel
  • Tweet out announcements for new content that don’t get any engagement

As regular podcast listeners ourselves, it’s easier to commit to new content when we know what we’re getting into. We created Contenda to help people figure out if the stuff they want to hear is being covered, before they make the investment in listening to the entire episode.

We take your existing long-form content and create new lead-generating assets to help increase your engagement up to 3x, and get your content to you in 24 hours or less.

How it works:

We’ll take an example we recently tweeted out with our platform. Our CEO, Lilly Chen, recently gave a presentation at the Devs for Ukraine conference, titled “Engineering 4 Startups”. The full talk clocked in at 22 minutes and had a ton of great nuggets of info.

We want to get some more eyes on this video, so we’re going to post the highlights on Twitter. Using Contenda, we’ve now got the 3 best clips from this video. Contenda will also give us accompanying text for each video, then a final CTA to link back to the original video.

An image of a Contenda-generated Twitter thread

We’ve got clips spread throughout the original video, and people can easily listen to the full talk.

After you get your three best clips from your video, we can tailor the clips to be about specific topics or process edit requests. For example - say we want a great clip specifically about the “Twitter” portion of our Devs for Ukraine video.

Interested in a demo? Contact us today and let’s bring your content graveyard back to life.