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How Contenda's Twitter content performs 3x better than in-house content

The Case Study: DevsForUkraine
By Lilly Chen

The Case Study: DevsForUkraine was a brand new Twitter account created to promote the DevsForUkraine conference. The account was jointly run by Contenda and Cassidy Williams (, host/organizer of the conference).

alt text

On April 25th and April 26th, both authors tweeted on the account. Contenda tweets were created using the derivative content strategy to promote top-of-funnel reach. The in-house tweets were regular announcement-style tweets.

Contenda tweets performed 3x better in engagement rate on average. We filtered out the in-house author’s use of replies, so this is strictly a comparison of tweets designed for top of funnel engagement.

Example Tweets

So why does Contenda perform better on engagement rate?

It’s not clickbait or robot magic.

Consider how your audience feels during a 2 day conference. There’s a lot of really cool talks, but their time is limited and they can’t watch everything. A tweet announcing just the title and speaker doesn’t give the audience enough information on whether or not to watch the whole video. Contenda transform the video into summaries and clips, making it easier for your audience to evaluate the content.

The reason why we perform better than in-house authors is because of time. If a person tries to produce content using Contenda’s strategy, they need to:

  • Watch the original piece of content (~30 mins)
  • Upload the content to an editor and scrub through, clipping key moments (~1 hour)
  • Write a tweet thread with the clips (~15 mins)

It’s extremely time consuming. With over 19 talks, that results in almost 40 hours of work. Contenda, on the other hand, scales content quickly.

Contenda also has built-in technical expertise. Our models are trained to technical content, even to company-specific content. This allows us to understand the important topics to your audience without any onboarding time.

Are you doing something boring, manual, and necessary with your content? Let us know — we’d love to help.