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Announcing the Brainstory Holiday Giveaway Winner! 🧠

We had some AMAZING entries in our contest, come see who won!
By Cassidy Williams

Hey y’all!

Happy new year! We’re so excited to announce our Brainstory Holiday Giveaway winner, Samantha from California!

Samantha used Brainstory to plan out her journey into the world of content creation. In her own words:

I liked that asked me thoughtful questions that I hadn’t thought to answer before. I was able to narrow down the type of content I’d like to make, how to navigate my fears and doubts, and how I might expand over time.

Using Brainstory to plan out your potential future projects is fun, but the next level is getting feedback on what you come up with. Samantha used the feedback she received to nail down some more points she wanted to focus on and has started her content creation journey if you’d like to give her a follow.

Congratulations and thank you to all of the participants in the holiday giveaway, our team absolutely loved seeing some of the fun and creative ideas (like Zach coming up with an alternative ending to The Grinch and Phil talking through his decluttering plans and Danny bringing new foods to Asian countries)!

And congratulations again to Samantha for her awesome and fun ideas. Happy new year again, y’all, and you can give feedback on Samantha’s Brainstory, here!