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GPT vs Brainstory: A Head-to-Head Comparison

What's the difference between GPT and Brainstory?
By Lilly Chen

Why would I use Brainstory when I could just build the same thing in ChatGPT?

You can! Using Brainstory over ChatGPT is like buying furniture over building your own. Brainstory has a lot of built-in features that’s designed for a specific use— deep thinking and collaboration.

If you’re looking for something that’s more geared towards automating tasks, then you might want to build a solution or work with GPT instead of Brainstory.

The Brainstory difference

Comparison chart of ChatGPT vs Brainstory

  1. Brainstory’s speaking interface helps you think smarter. Speaking your thoughts aloud allows for a more natural and unrestricted flow of ideas. ChatGPT has transcription only on mobile.

  2. Brainstory’s feedback feature gets everyone on the same page faster, by giving detailed context around what your collaborators are thinking. ChatGPT doesn’t have a sharing or collaboration feature.

  3. Brainstory does not do your work for you. In the world of “automate everything”, this might feel counterintuitive, but the feeling of thinking smarter is unmatched. ChatGPT might give you answers, but Brainstory helps you come up with better answers on your own.