Video Submission Guide

Contenda's guide to videos you can submit and if they will work

Officially supported

Beta Support

Our service has the capability to try and ingest any arbitrary video you link to us on a “best effort” basis. The following sites may work:

  • Google Drive video share links (when it’s pointing to one video file make sure it’s not a share link to an entire folder).
  • Direct links to video files, such as Most video codecs/file formats should work.
  • Zoom cloud recording
  • Microsoft Stream video (often Microsoft Teams call recordings are publicly shared as such)
  • Dailymotion video
  • Vimeo video
  • LinkedIn video
  • Reddit video

Not Supported

  • Loom recording link
  • Twitter video

General tips

  • Our servers are currently located in the United States. Make sure the content you’re linking is not geo-blocked in the US; otherwise, we generally won’t be able to access it.
  • We can only access videos that are publicly accessible, as we can’t sign in to access something private. This applies generally to everything, e.g., private YouTube videos, Google Drive share links that only work for a selected person, etc. We won’t be able to access any of these.
  • Whenever you submit something, we’ll try to validate whether we can access it or not before accepting the request. If we refuse something that you believe should work, let support know, and we can take a look.
  • We explicitly do NOT support ingesting entire channels (such as or playlists (like

See our API documentation for more details.

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