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Brainstory for Law Students

Here's how you can use Brainstory to collaborate on hypos with your classmates!
By Lilly Chen

Brainstory’s open-ended speaking interface gives you the best practice for hypos (hypotheticals). Share your results with your classmates to easily compare arguments!

Here’s how you can get started

  1. Make a free Brainstory account

You get 10 hypos for free.

  1. Read your hypo out loud to Brainstory

This will give Brainstory context on the situation, and allow you to reference different facts of the situation.

  1. Start thinking out loud

Don’t worry if you ramble— this isn’t a cold call! As you’re thinking, Brainstory will encourage you with open-ended questions. It won’t give anything away.

  1. Share your Brainstory with classmates

When you share your hypo with classmates, they’ll be able to give you feedback. Maybe they have a counterargument you missed, or a completely different angle to add! Share to find out.