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Using Contenda Studio for LinkedIn Content

How I use Contenda Studio for my online brand to save time and increase engagement
By Lilly Chen

One of my favorite use cases for Contenda Studio is building my personal brand on LinkedIn. As a founder and executive to different boards, I have to keep an online professional presence. But, unfortunately for me as an introvert, the cognitive load is exhausting.

With Contenda Studio, there is a dramatic difference, and I’m getting better results faster and easier. So here’s the before and after of my LinkedIn content since I started using Contenda Studio:

Graph of LinkedIn impressions over time using Contenda Studio compared to without

Why does Contenda Studio drive better engagement on LinkedIn content?

Simply put, Contenda Studio lets me create higher quality content in just a few minutes. Take this post as an example. It performs well on LinkedIn because:

  1. It perfectly intersects on my public interests of AI and higher education
  2. It transform a piece of content (academic paper) from being inaccessible for my audience to highly accessible
  3. It is written in my voice

If I were to write the same post from scratch, it might take me a few hours or even days to narrow down the points I want to share. Just thinking about how to present the information would take so much of my time that I could be using to do my other (arguably more important) work. Then after all that thinking, I’d make a draft, revise, edit, repeat. I might even have to put it down and pick it back up later because of the cognitive intensity.

But, with Contenda Studio, it took me less than 5 minutes to create my post from start to finish.

What were you doing before Contenda Studio?

Burn out. I would occasionally make the effort to write super high-quality, thoughtful content, but it was very time (and brain) intensive. So, I often posted easier content that would take just a few minutes to write. Here’s an example post where it’s just a quick blurb announcing some new features. Before Contenda Studio, it was actually one of my highest performing posts (with 757 impressions). But, it was… low effort and not necessarily the kind of content I wanted to actively pursue writing.

Now, I make more content that is more relevant to my interests (and arguably more high quality), and *all of my posts hit a minimum of around 1200 impressions on average.

How Contenda Studio can help you

It’s a misconception that using AI removes “the human part” of content creation. Contenda Studio enables me to have the power of a full marketing and PR team backing me up, while still giving me full control over my voice. That means I:

  • Pick topics that are important to me and my audience
  • Understand (and use) my public voice
  • Make sure I love everything I stamp my name on

If you want to drive more engagement on your public brand with content that you actually care about, give Contenda Studio a try.