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Announcing the Mux + Contenda integration

Get even more from your Mux Video content with our latest integration!
By Lilly Chen

Mux Video is how developers build online video, and we love that! Contenda is built with a developer-first belief. We imagine a world where manual content processes can be automated, just like code deployment. So, naturally, partnering with Mux Video means our developers get to automate more, with less work!

Contenda and Mux graphic

“We’re used to telling developers that Mux makes adding video capabilities to your application easy work. Now, we’re thrilled to be able to point to an integration for the rest of the content generation process. Contenda is a great way to reduce the friction in generating companion content for your videos.”

- Dave Kiss, Community Engineer at Mux

How do I get started?

Starting today, Contenda natively accepts Mux PLAYBACK_ID in the source_id field for all video jobs submitted with our API! Take this example request body and drop in mux PLAYBACK_ID:

  "status_update_webhook_url": "",
  "status_update_email": "",
  "source_id": "mux PLAYBACK_ID",
  "type": "presentation",
  "overrides": {}

Ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom. These changes don’t disrupt any of your existing Contenda workflows, so you can continue to reuse and recycle content ‘til the cows come home without anything breaking!

You’re well on your way to making blogs from any of your Mux Videos. Read the API docs here to get started!