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Journaling through Brainstory

Part of our New Year's Resolution series-- Starting a journal habit!
By Lilly Chen

As part of our rundown to 2024, we’ll be blogging about all the ways you can use Brainstory to accomplish those New Year’s Resolutions. One of the most popular NYE resolutions? Journaling regularly.

What is the challenge of journaling regularly?

A lot of people struggling to journal regularly because they believe:

  1. They have nothing interesting to say
  2. Need to carry a physical journal

Why is journaling regularly rewarding?

If you’ve been on social media, it feels like people who regularly journal just… have their life together more. A little bit of that is social media haze, but journaling is also a proven therapeutic technique. Medical professionals say that journaling can:

  • Reduce stress
  • Keep your memory sharp
  • Boost mood
  • Strengthen emotional functions

All the more reason to start journaling in 2024!

How do I overcome the challenge of journaling regularly?

Journaling doesn’t have to be written with a pen and paper. You can use Brainstory to journal on the go and tackle the biggest hurdles to journaling.

Brainstory prompts are open-ended and designed to be encouraging to your thoughts. Unlike staring at an empty page, Brainstory will gently ask questions that make you realize you have a lot to say. Plus, Brainstory will save all of your journal entries in your dashboard so you can keep a record of everything.

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