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Why does Brainstory only support talking?

I strongly prefer typing. Why don't you support native text input?
By Lilly Chen

We’ve received a lot of questions about why we chose a speaking experience instead of typing. As a keyboard warrior myself, I totally understand the skepticism. I often feel like I would rather type about something than talk about something.

…Except for the times when I talk about something, and realize that the act of hearing myself allowed me to reach new ideas. This happens often with presentations (it looks good on paper and in my head, but there’s nothing like talking it out to hear what it sounds like!), but I also noticed it works really well for things that are never spoken out loud.

At my undergrad institution’s Writing Center, the entire methodology was having students read their essays out loud. The writing mentors did not read and revise a student’s work for them, but just listened and encouraged the student to think about their own writing. This experience completely changed my perspective on the power of reading something out loud.

For Brainstory, we wanted to build an experience that consistently helps you think smarter. By having a speaking interface, you’ll consistently hear your thoughts and refine them.