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From livestream to blog: How I repurposed my own content

I turned an old talk I gave into a blog in minutes using Contenda Studio!
By Cassidy Williams

This week, I stumbled upon an old talk I gave about the Astro framework. I realized that I didn’t actually do much with the talk after giving it, besides a single tweet about it. It’s a long one too (over an hour), and I didn’t really feel like rewatching the whole thing just to remember the points that I hit.

I decided to add the video of that talk to my Contenda account, not having any expectations. For full context, though I work at Contenda, I hadn’t actually used the new Contenda Studio since coming back from my parental leave!

Later on after uploading the video, I was livestreaming on my channel and gave Contenda Studio a whirl, and within just a few minutes (almost exactly 5 minutes, if you wanna get specific), I had a pretty darn good blog that summed up my old Astro talk.

Check out how I did it:

The final blog I output is here if you’d like to read up on Astro, and if you’d like to try out Contenda Studio for yourself, sign up for free at!